Workshops for Professionals

Our workshops are hands-on and practical, and provide a range of developmentally appropriate ideas for use in therapy with preschool and primary school children and their families. Both new and experienced therapists have enjoyed learning about our creative and engaging therapy activities.  The number of participants in each workshop is limited, with a maximum of 30-35.  Psychologists, school counsellors, occupational therapists, social workers, speech pathologists, family therapists, and other mental health clinicians have found our workshops helpful.

Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Emotions

Learn a range of practical ideas for helping children to understand and manage strong emotions such as anger, sadness and anxiety. This full-day workshop provides a grounding for less experienced therapists in working with children and their families. More experienced therapists will enjoy adding new, creative ideas and activities to their therapy toolbox.  If you have never attended one of our workshops before, then this is the ideal workshop for you!

 “The practical aspect was really high – so useful to come away with concrete ideas… This was one of the most engaging and useful workshops I’ve ever attended!” – Madeline Sibbing, Psychologist with 8 years’ experience in child work.


  • Wednesday 28th February – SOLD OUT
  • Saturday 17th March – SOLD OUT


  • Friday 18th May
  • Saturday 19th May


  • Thursday 20th September
  • Friday 21st September

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Playful, practical and purposeful approaches to childhood anxiety

Learn a range of engaging and practical ideas for use in the assessment and treatment of childhood anxiety. This full-day workshop provides hands-on experience with many new and creative therapeutic activities for anxious children and their families, allowing even experienced therapists to build their repertoire of ideas.

 “Provides both the conceptual framework and the practical skills any clinician working with children and families will need to deliver therapy that is effective” – Eve Bottrill, Clinical Psychology Registrar, 4-5 months’ experience in child work.


  • Friday 19th October in Doncaster
  • Saturday 17th November in Parkville

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Introduction to Child Assessment and Therapy

A 2-hour introductory workshop provided for organisations.  Participants are introduced to mental health assessment and therapy work with preschool and/or primary-school aged children and families.  Content includes an overview of important developmental and systemic considerations in working with children, key components of assessment, general principles in modifying therapy for children and some practical ideas or activities.


Want to arrange a workshop at your organisation?

If you are interested in arranging a workshop for your clinic or department please contact us directly on  Please feel free to liaise directly with Fiona or Suzanne about how we can tailor a workshop that meets your organisation’s needs.


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